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With a clear understanding of the challenges facing everyday citizens in navigating corporate structures, she advocates for robust measures to safeguard consumer rights. Ylenia's vision for the role extends beyond regulatory oversight; she aims to empower consumers by ensuring transparency, accountability, and fair treatment in all corporate interactions. By championing consumer protection, Ylenia seeks to create a more equitable marketplace where the needs and rights of individuals are upheld and respected.

Consumer Protection

Ylenia's heritage as an indigenous woman from Mexico instilled in her a profound reverence for the Earth and its finite resources. Raised with a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between humanity and nature, she recognizes the imperative to transition towards renewable energy sources. Ylenia views the current climate change disruptions as a call to action, driving her commitment to protecting the planet and its precious waterways.

Renewable Energy

Ylenia's approach to leadership is defined by her unwavering integrity and commitment to collaboration. Whether navigating complex political landscapes or fostering dialogue between diverse communities, she prioritizes finding common ground and building bridges. Drawing inspiration from trailblazers like Bella Abzug, Ylenia envisions a future where women wield power not by emulating traditional norms but by reshaping them to reflect inclusivity and justice. Through her dedication to integrity and equitable representation, Ylenia seeks to redefine power dynamics and create a more just society for all.


My Priorities

Ylenia is an Advocate

Ylenia Aguilar was born in Mexico and raised in Arizona and rural Illinois. She has served as a Governing Board Member in the Osborn School District, Vitalyst Health Foundation Board of Trustees, and Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors (HECHO) Advisory Council. She currently serves as a member of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District on the frontlines of water issues facing Arizona.

She has two sons with her oldest son attending Northern Arizona University (NAU), majoring in Environmental Sciences and Sustainability. Her youngest is a freshman attending the IB Program at PHXU and plays for Excel Soccer Academy.

Ylenia Aguilar is the Business Development Manager with Gybe, a water analytics company leveraging satellites, sensors, and predictive modeling to help organizations optimize watershed health.  Gybe puts the power of precision freshwater intelligence in the hands of managers across the world working to secure every community's sustainable access to clean, life-giving water.


What does the Arizona Corporation Commission do?


Cesar Aguilar
Arizona House of Representatives
Lela Alston
Arizona State Senator
Lorena Austin
Arizona State Representative
Seth Blattman
Arizona State Representative
Martha Gonzalez
Somerton City Council
Adelita Grijalva
Pima County Board of Supervisors
Anna Hernandez
Arizona State Senator
Gerardo "Jerry" Anaya
Mayor of Somerton
Sarah Liguori
Arizona State Representative
Jennifer Longdon
Former State Representative
Jorge Maldonado
Mayor of City of Nogales
Esther Melendez-Lopez
Nogales City Council
Analise Ortiz
Arizona State Representative
Martin Porchas
Yuma County Board of Supervisors
Mariana Sandoval
Arizona State Representative
Raquel Teran
Former State Senator
Anna Tovar
Member of the Arizona Corporation Commission
Betty Villegas
Arizona House of Representatives
Alexis Hermosillo, Mayor of El Mirage
Corey Woods
Mayor of Tempe

Running a Clean Election

Ylenia is participating as a Clean Elections Candidate because she believes a Corporation Commissioner shouldn’t take money from special interests and the corporate entities they are elected to regulate.

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